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Bespoke Architectural Metal Mesh Ceilings

Locker Architectural bespoke metal mesh ceilings are popular with architects due to their sustainability, functionality and contemporary aesthetic.

By varying the mesh pattern, specification and finish, a huge range of beautiful and unique visual effects can be created.  Ceiling mesh can be opaque or transparent, with a shiny natural metallic finish or matt powder coating.

The flexibility of metal mesh means it is ideal for use in unique, non-uniform spaces and can be formed to fit around the shape of the building and any protruding utilities. Even bespoke designs featuring concave or convex mesh ceiling panels can be accommodated.

Aside from these aesthetic benefits, wire mesh ceilings bring the following important functional advantages:

  • Stainless steel mesh is fire-resistant, and therefore compliant with the most strict fire regulations
  • Metal mesh ceiling panels can be designed to hide ceiling equipment at the same time as facilitating high levels of air flow
  • Metal mesh ceiling systems can be designed to house sprinkler systems and ventilation ducts
  • The specification of the mesh can be tailored to achieve the optimum level of diffused lighting
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