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Architectural Mesh Specialists

Locker has been at the cutting edge of innovative applications for woven wire mesh and associated products for over 130 years.

Working with architects, designers, planners and main contractors, we develop ground-breaking new applications in the architectural field for our versatile range of mesh materials, as well as providing engineering and advice for specific bespoke projects.

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Architectural Mesh Product Range

Pre-crimped Woven Mesh

Cable Mesh

Expanded Metal

Perforated Metal

Wire Cloth

Wedge Wire

Embossed Metal

Welded Mesh

Spiral Mesh

Wire Rope

Non-metallic Mesh

Other Mesh

The Benefits of Locker Architectural Wire Mesh

Locker architectural metal mesh can be used both internally or externally, is largely self-maintaining, durable and flexible, can be designed to fit the underlying structure and is strong enough to meet security and safety requirements.

The majority of our mesh patterns are constructed from solid metals and are therefore far more fire resistant than comparable composite materials.

Stunning design effects can be achieved by tailoring the mesh specification to create just the right level of transparency or shimmering translucency.

Available in a wide range of finishes from eye-catching crisp, bright and shiny natural metal, to highly coloured coatings or finishes, Locker mesh offers architectural designers the creative freedom to turn even the most functional project into a work of beauty.

A Quality Complete Service

At Locker our highly skilled team combine unparalleled experience with technical knowledge to provide a fully bespoke and unique complete service.

We offer development of the architectural wire mesh specification, through to design, fabrication, supply and installation of the finished products.

In house 3D
design, analysis and modelling
Installation by certified, experienced riggers

Locker is a UK based supplier of architectural wire mesh products certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and Achilles ‘Building with Confidence’ Level 4.

Company Information

Locker comprises the holding company Locker Group Ltd and its specialist operating divisions; Locker Wire Weavers Ltd., Locker Heatshielding Ltd. and Locker Architectural Ltd. All wire mesh materials are manufactured in accordance with International Standards. Locker Group Terms and Conditions Of Sale

Locker Group Ltd registered in England & Wales No.5608946
Locker Wire Weavers Ltd registered in England & Wales No. 420247
Locker Heatshielding Ltd registered in England & Wales No. 5900737
Locker Architectural Ltd registered in England & Wales No. 6752595

VAT Registration No: 896 11 7588

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